Makoto Smart Multifunctional Electric Pot DYG-40AFW-100, Ceramic Pot 4L Stainless Steel Pot 10L

Multifunctions includes Stew, Soup, Congee, Rice, etc.
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  • Preset and timer functions, convenient to cook food
  • Special use for soup, ideal and practical slow cooker
  • Combining out-of-water stewing, soup, porridge, and rice functions together, N in one.
  • 304 stainless steel stewing container and white ceramic inner pots, safe and healthy
  • Standard voltage of 110V-120V, applicable to North America

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Product Description

If you want to buy a big capacity stew pot, then choose it: Makoto smart multifunctional electric Pot DYG-40AFW-100. The capacity is 10L, suitable for big family meals or restaurant use. The outer is stainless steel material, durable to use and resistant to dirt. It’s so specialy that it has two differnent inner pots, one is stainless steel material, and the other is ceramic material. For different food, you can choose different inner pots to largely keep food nutrition. Especially the mild and even heating with the boiled water will help you enjoy the nutritious meals. The preset and timer function are of great help to present delicious meals in your convenient time.

Product Specifications

Brand: Makoto


Rated power: 1000W

Voltage: 110V-60Hz

Suitable for 6-8 persons

Functions: soup, porridge, rice,steam, stew and etc.

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